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“Once we decided to be married in our home and all of our family could be there with us – I had exactly 2 weeks to plan the wedding! I called many magistrates and went on-line to find an officiant that would accommodate this last minute wedding request. My search led me to Barbara – who was very flexible and very interested in finding out just what we wanted for our wedding day. She arranged to meet with us one week prior and during our meeting was able to gather personal information and sentiments that we wanted to include in the ceremony.

We were very pleased with her professionalism, and ability to work with us and our family on our special day.”
– Tammy

“Barbara did a wonderful job with our wedding. She made things personal, asked friends for stories, got to know us and gave a beautiful talk during the ceremony. I would highly recommend her.”
– Jeff

“Barbara was a great officiant. She took the time to really get to know my fiance and myself. She even attended our rehearsal dinner and talked with friends and family, which really personalized our wedding ceremony. We would definitely recommend her services.”
– Anonymous

“Rev Marguerite was wonderful! She took the time to get to know my fiancee and I prior to the ceremony and did a great job incorporating our children into our vows. We would definitely recommend her.”

“Barbara was nothing short of amazing!! Our original plans were going to make our wedding very simple and humble, but with Barbara’s support and great ideas, it turned out to be the most magical time of our lives. It was still a small and intimate wedding, but Barbara’s words made it a delightful ceremony. She was very accommodating when we told her we wanted to get married within one week and also when we changed the time of the ceremony at the very last minute. We were so busy trying to get everything together for the big day that didn’t have time to write our own vows so she helped us with that as well. She did an excellent job overall. We laughed, we cried, we had a great time. We feel very lucky to have found Barbara because she made an already special occasion, exceptional and unique. We feel lucky as well because we call her now our friend and we will recommend her for anyone that plans to get married in the future!!!”
– David

“Dr. Barbara Schwarck did a very good job for us officiating our wedding ceremony. We were looking for someone who was flexible and insightful in helping us plan what kind of ceremony we wanted and Barbara was very helpful is this regard. Her service and professionalism was excellent, she was easy to get in touch with when we had questions with planning, and we received much positive feedback about the ceremony. We were very happy to have worked with Barbara and would recommend her for the variety of reasons listed above.”
– Chris

“Barbara was the glue that held our wedding ceremony together, it was perfect. She is genius- we had perfect ceremony content. She’s extremely flexible regardless of any situation, religion or venue. Her patience of bride-zillas are also very appreciated! We received countless comments and positive feedback from our guests regarding Barbara. Not to mention she’s a great dancer!”
– Blair

“If you want to have a wedding ceremony where your family and friends ask where did you find that minister, then follow with comments like “she was awesome” and “that was one of the best ceremonies I’ve ever witnessed;” then you would want Barbara Schwarck to officiate!! How personal and comfortable and special the whole process was; and people still talk about how great the ceremony was!! I think you’re getting that I can highly recommend her without hesitation!!!”
– Debbie

“Barbara was wonderfully accommodating to our needs! We asked for a non-secular ceremony and that is exactly what we got; both of our relatively religious families could not have been happier with the way the ceremony was handled. She really took the time to get to know us so it was not at all generic. In fact, I have been to some church ceremonies where the person officiating doesn’t even get the couples names and information right.We could not have been happier!”
– Tara & Todd

“Barbara is a very modern officiant who works closely with the couple to make the event a success.”
– Anonymous

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