About My Happy Day

Pittsburgh wedding officiantsCreativity, Uniqueness and Meaning – Your ceremony should represent who you are, both as individuals and as a couple embarking on a lifelong journey together. Together, we can create a one-of-a-kind ceremony that honors your values, reflects who you are and celebrates the love and joy you’ve found in each another. And, if you are open to it, we like to incorporate an element of surprise.

Comfort and Acceptance – We respect any and all beliefs, faiths, cultures and traditions. Couples choose us because they are comfortable with us and we are comfortable with them. A good “fit” is as important as the exceptional content of your ceremony.

Professionalism and Excellence – You can rest assured that every aspect of the process will be professional. I am the CEO of a people development company called Clear Intentions International. I lecture frequently across the country, and can promise that my delivery, as well as that of my colleagues, will be excellent and memorable.

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